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Living In A Memory – You can help us make our new album a reality!

Hello and thank you for visiting our blog. Together with my band The Coast To Coast Blues Band I recorded a brand new album which is set to be released through Dixiefrog France in May 2021!
This new CD named “Living In A Memory” includes 12 new original songs, which just like on my previous album “Chilling” are mainly stories of my life. A long time ago, my uncle told me that a good song should be about a personal experience. How could you put feeling into a song if you didn’t experience it for yourself?

In order to finalise this Album we are asking you to support us by donating or sharing our crowdfunding campaign!

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Feel free to choose from our selection of perks and rewards. You can choose from digital album downloads, CDs, signed CDs, Vinyls or signed albums. Every little bit helps! If you are not so much into donating, feel free to spread the word and tell your friends about “Living In A Memory”.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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Archie Lee Hooker