Archie Lee Hooker



  • Release: 31 Mar, 2018

After locking ourselves away in a studio in the Belgian Ardennes in August of 2016,we are very happy to present to you our newest Album named “Chilling”.


What Archie Lee has to say about “Chilling”:

“This CD is very personal to me, it talks about the good and the bad times I had in my life! At the same time this album is a tribute to my uncle Mr. John Lee Hooker who would have turned 100 on August 22nd of this year.”

The CD will include 13 songs and 4 stories.

We are currently seeking financial help to release “Chilling” on both CD and Vinyl. If you want to support us then this is your chance to become a part of making Archie Lee Hooker’s new album a reality.



  1. Big Ass Fun
  2. Chilling
  3. Moaning the Blues
  4. Story
  5. Tennessee Blues
  6. 90 Days
  7. Story
  8. I’ve got Reasons
  9. Found a Good One
  10. Bright Lights Big City
  11. Story
  12. Your Eyes
  13. Love ain’t no Play Thing
  14. Blues Shoes
  15. You don’t Love Me no More
  16. Jockey Blues
  17. Story